You know you’re South African when…

Published on October 25th, 2011
You know you’re South African when…
  • You know someone who knows someone who’s met Nelson Mandela.
  • More people vote in a local reality T.V show than in a local election.
  • You know people called Wednesday, Blessing, Nation, Pencil, Welcome and Fence.
  • You understand that ‘just now’ can mean anything between a few minutes and a few months.
  • Toll fees and speeding fines cost you more on your trip to Durban than your actual holiday there.
  • You can sing the National Anthem in four different languages but you don’t understand any of them.
  • Traveling at 120km/h, you’re the slowest vehicle on the high/freeway.
  • You enjoy eating braaivleis and swimming, sometimes simultaneously.
  • You remain stationary once the robot has changed green to make way for taxi’s traveling in the opposite direction.
  • You know that a robot is a traffic light, a tap is a faucet, a cookie is a cupcake, a cupboard is a closet and a pavement is a sidewalk.
  • You see ad’s for the T.V program you’ve just finished watching.
  • Prisoners go on strike.
  • Workers learn to dance outside their building (toi-toi).
  • You know what rooibos tea is, even if you haven’t tasted it.
  • You know the rules of rugby better than any other referee.
  • You accidentally pull out a R100 note when a traffic cop asks to see your driver’s license.

This was intended to make you smile a little and remind you that we stay in an awesome country!