Yawning to ace your exams

Published on October 31st, 2011
Yawning to ace your exams

Next time you’re stuck on a Maths problem, try yawning. According to scientists at the State University of New York, we yawn to boost blood flow and chill the brain, which makes us feel more alert and attentive.

‘Brain-cooling’ also explains why we ‘catch’ a yawn. Contagious yawning could be triggered by built-in impulses that function to keep a group awake and raise the general level of attentiveness.

Paratroopers also report yawning before they jump. It signals a transition between behavioural states of wakefulness and sleepiness, and boredom to alertness… And they’d better be alert before they jump out of an airplane!

So next time your teacher catches you yawning in class, just tell her you’re boosting your brain…