Why is your handwriting so…you?

Published on August 26th, 2011
Why is your handwriting so...you?

There are many things that determine your handwriting. For example, the way you hold your pen, your personality and even your mood. However, genetics also play a role in shaping how you write.

Handwriting is influenced by your anatomy. For example, your bone structure affects how you hold a pen. Hand-eye coordination, muscle memory and mental ability also play roles. Handwriting can change over time as these physical and mental characteristics change.

The genetic influence can only go so far. People whose handwriting is extremely similar to their parents didn’t inherit it – they simply copied it, maybe even subconsciously.

Here’s a fast fact: it becomes harder to change your handwriting as you grow older because muscle memory and ingrained habits play large roles in your writing style.

Pic credit: jtbrennan

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