Why do girls like pink and boys blue?

Published on August 16th, 2011
Why do girls like pink and boys blue?

For generations, it’s been customary that girls like pink and boys like blue. You don’t have to look far to spot a little girl in her pink summer dress and a little boy carrying his blue Spiderman backpack.

Up until recently it has always been a tradition, but now it seems to have the backing of science. A university in the UK recently conducted a research with 208 volunteers that had to rapidly choose their favourite colour from different coloured triangle hues, flipping between 250 colours.

The results showed an immediate difference, where scientists could determine the sex of the volunteer by simply looking at the colours they chose. The study showed that all people generally prefer blue, but the women would choose the redder blues (leaning towards the pink) and the men would choose the blue-greens.

This difference showed that girls liking pink and boys liking blue are actually rooted in our genes and not only our upbringing. Interesting!

Here’s a thought… let’s challenge science, and pick yellow or green next time!