Who invented the yo-yo?

Published on January 24th, 2012
Who invented the yo-yo?

There’s nothing better than hanging around with pretty much nothing to do and then picking up a yo-yo and suddenly you have a world of entertainment right there in the palm of your hand.

This popular toy, which is essentially a string that is tied at one end o a flat spool, was made popular in the 1920’s and is still quite popular with children and adults alike.

One the earliest surviving yo-yo that still lives to this day dates back to 500BC and was also made using the terra cotta skin disks.

Historical records from Philippine dating back to the 16th century shows that hunters would hide behind trees and would throw these at wild animals in order to capture them and the string would come back, ensuring that it doesn’t get lost.

The birth of the modern yo-yo was made in 1928 when a Filipino American Pedro Flores who started a manufacturing company in Santa Barbara, California that made the yo-yo’. Soon this company was making 300,000 units that was the output of 600 employees.

See how such a simple idea created employment and came to have such a lasting impact on society!

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