What makes Jessica Alba so pretty?

Published on March 28th, 2012
What makes Jessica Alba so pretty?

1,618. If you’re going to remember one number, this is the one we recommend. Why? Because it’s a magical number that’s found in thousands and thousands of beautiful things all over the world, from the pyramids in Egypt to the spirals on a snail’s shell to – you guessed it – Jessica Alba’s pretty face.

Huh?!? But how?

According to many experiments and studies, the ideal distance from the pupil of a person’s eye to the centre of their chin is 1,618 times the distance from the pupil to the end of the nose. The ideal length of a face is also 1,618 times its width and 1,618 times the distance between the eyes and the person’s mouth. In other words, wherever you look on a classically beautiful face, you’ll find the same ratio over and over again: 1 to 1,618.

Scientists have called this the Golden Ratio, and you can find it all over your own body. Its the ratio between the length of your hand and the length of your lower arm (between your elbow and your wrist). It’s also the ratio of your total height to the distance between your head and your fingertips. It’s even found deep inside your cells, in the structure of your own DNA!

So how does this stuff link to beauty?

Well, the theory goes that the closer your facial proportions are to the magic Golden Ratio, the prettier you’ll appear to everyone around you. And according to research, Jessica Alba’s face fits that ratio pretty well – as does actress Elizabeth Hurley’s and country singer Shania Twain’s. But which celebrity has the most Golden face of all? Believe it or not, that honour goes to Brad Pitt, who trumps all the girls with an impressive score of 9,8 out of 10… while his famous wife, Angelina Jolie, gets a measly 7,67 out of 10.

But what if your facial proportions don’t fit the Golden Ratio? Don’t panic… your hairstyle and even the clothes you wear can make your face appear more symmetrical and, of course, when it comes to being truly beautiful, nothing beats a big smile and an awesome personality…