What is the future of fashion?

Published on August 17th, 2011
What is the future of fashion?

Well, it seems the fashion of the future stinks…and we mean that literally.
 Scent-augmented clothing is the ‘brain baby’ of Jenny Tillotson, a senior researcher in Fashion and Textile Design at the University of the Arts in London.

These garments are wired to emit specially designed aromatherapy fragrances that can alternatively evoke memories, enhance alertness or increase calmness. Basically, you’ll be wearing smelling clothes.

In a recent article on www.technewsdaily.com, Jenny said, “Mood-enhancing effects can have an impact of behavior, learning; it’s a hot wire to the brain. You could use scent to train the nerves and brain to help you wake up in the morning, go to sleep at night, keep you alert in the office.″

So how exactly would it work? 
The clothing imagined by Jenny would incorporate tiny tubes throughout the lining of a garment. The wearer could set a timer so that the shirt or dress would emit invigorating scents such as a smelling salt in lieu of morning and late afternoon coffee, and then release calming, floral fragrances in the evening for to accompany the trip home after long day.

Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned three-pieced suit huh?

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