What a year!

Published on November 29th, 2011
What a year!

Ian tells us about his fudge business, exams and his plans for the rest of the year…

What a busy three weeks!  This is the first weekend that I got time to just relax!

We started with the exams two weeks ago with Biology. The exams are treating us well, except Accounting. Now that was a test and a half. On the upside, I actually enjoyed Physical science.

My best friend and I have a fudge business called SPF (Salt and Pepper Fudge). You might ask where Salt and Pepper comes from. Well, in my first blog I told you about our play (Beauty and The Beast) I was the pepper and he was the salt. We don’t make your usual fudge…we make it with a twist. Our slogan should tell you everything: “Fudge met skop!”

Last week a lady called and ordered 150 packages and this all happened in the exams. We were also busy with a HIP2B2 community project that took quite a lot off our time.

I only have three tests left: Maths 2, Afrikaans 1 and Maths 3! Then I’m done with Grade 10. What a year it was! A lot of ups and downs, but in the end it was worth it all.

I’m ending my year off with a job at Ocean Basket!