What’s the big deal about 3M?

Published on June 15th, 2012
What’s the big deal about 3M?

And what can you learn from this smart company?

For the last two months, we’ve been going on about a company called 3M. We’ve been telling you about some of the stuff they’ve invented (like Post-It notes, masking tape, Scotchgard and Thinsulate) and we’ve been interviewing some of the people who get to work there every day… but what’s the big deal about 3M and why are we so interested in telling you about them?

Why we love 3M
Basically, we think there’s a lot you can learn from a company like 3M. Why? Because just like HIP2B2, they believe in thinking big, being curious, questioning the world around you and finding smart, new solutions to everyday problems. Since they were founded way back in 1902, this company has invented hundreds and hundreds of things that make people’s lives better, smarter and easier every day around the world. In fact, you’ve probably used some of their inventions without even knowing it was made by 3M…

What have they invented?
You know the way road signs and car license plates reflect the light when you’re driving at night? Well, 3M made those reflective surfaces to keep people safe on the roads. They also invented the sticky tape you use on school projects, the yellow and green sponges Mom uses to wash the dishes, the superglue that you use to fix just about anything around the house (but somehow, it never gets stuck inside the tube… click here to find out why), as well as the insulation material that makes ski jackets so warm and a whole lot of other smart stuff. (Click here to see a list of all their inventions.)

And the most amazing part of all?
The people who worked at 3M never planned to invent all these different things… they just got an idea by questioning the world around them and thinking out of the box, and then they worked on it and experimented with it until they came up with something useful. In fact, some of the company’s greatest inventions began as mistakes or accidents, and some were even sparked by totally random events like an oil spill or the sighting of a giraffe! But that’s a story for next week…

Click here to watch a video about 3M.