Man gets prosthetic limb with a smartphone dock built in

Published on October 27th, 2011
Man gets prosthetic limb with a smartphone dock built in

What we love about technology is that more often than not, it improves the quality of life.

Yes the gadgets and applications are really cool and entertaining, but if you look at the bigger picture, technology always has a solution to a problem, even if its one we didn’t even know we had…

Take Trevor Prideaux for example, he was having trouble texting. He was born without his left forearm, and used to have to balance his smartphone on his prosthetic arm or lay it on a flat surface to text, dial. But with the help of technology, Trevor has become the first person to have a smartphone dock embedded in his prosthetic limb.

With some design help from Nokia and the prosthetics team at Exeter Mobility Center, Trevor’s Nokia C7 is now fixed within his prosthetic forearm. He can now easily text by using his one hand, or take calls either by putting his prosthetic forearm up to his ear or by using the speakerphone, leaving his biological limb free.

This is the idea in the earliest and simplest form, but the idea of integrating the two opens the door to some unique possibilities.

Imagine being able to record data on how the limb is used to help designers better customize the prosthesis to the person. Maybe some extra battery on board the limb or some speakers for better speaker phone?

The possibilities are endless…