Time freeze gone wrong

Published on February 27th, 2012
Time freeze gone wrong

Time, an abundantly scarce resource that becomes even more rare to retrieve
once one gets into their older stages of life – at least as far as I go!

Scientists were recorded, a few ten years back, giving us certain statistics
as to how technology would advance to such a massive extent, that one would
soon bore of all the time we had to spare, the revolutionary time freeze.
They told us of how technological machinery would take up so much of  our
manual duties, that our future generations would be left with the task of
creating even more machinery to give us time to do nothing,but as far as I
see it, their predictions couldn’t have been more wrong!

As the technological advancements increase, we are thrown into the task of
spending even more time trying to keep up with the on-going robotic world we
live in. I mean, with all the new cell-phones, computers, televisions, (the list
goes on!)that are being invented, we spend far too much time trying to
figure them out, than anything else, that we generally lose track of our own
manual functions and ultimately fall behind.Be it in our homework,projects,
housework and even occupational work,but by the time we realise it…there
is really no time to finish it all!

Technology has become the silent thief of time ,and as our work keeps piling
up one finds it difficult to keep up in the two worlds we live in. Unless
they finally invent a time machine to visit the future, I think Scientists
should stop trying to predict it for us, it really just gives us false
hopes! One would imagine that by now we should already be driving airborne
cars,right? sigh. . .

Instead of waiting for Scientists to finally give us proper estimations of
our future, i think for now we might as well create our own time freeze (not
literally freezing our watches or anything, but you get what i mean!), we
could start of by actually limiting our technical times and living in our
present …that one hour that you put your phone away, is an hour well
preserved. That’s just something you can think about…