The incredible bulk…we mean hulk!

Published on August 25th, 2011
The incredible bulk…we mean hulk!

While most guys dream of having to go through a door sideways, the means and methods to get there can sometimes be harmful.

Although there’s nothing wrong with working to increase muscle strength, the danger lies in an obsession with body image.

Protein Shakes have become the latest legal way to build bulk. Drinking a protein shake at the right time – about 30 minutes after training – will help to optimize the effect of your weight training. Protein also helps to repair muscle that has been broken down during exercise.

Remember, a protein shake needs to be taken as part of a balanced, scientifically worked-out eating plan.

Here are few things you should know about protein, before you decide to start hulking up:

-    Carbohydrates, not protein, are the main energy source for muscle activity during exercise.

-    Too much protein on a long-term basis may leach calcium from your bones making them weak.

-    A protein-rich energy bar, containing about 15g of protein, costs around R8 while two eggs, which contain about 13g of protein cost only about R3. You do the math…

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