The future at your fingertips

Published on August 25th, 2011
The future at your fingertips

When touchscreen tech first came out, it took quite a while for some to get used to the sensitivity of it all, but most of us are pretty accustomed to it by now, and touchscreen is definitely the way of the future of cellphones, smartphones and tablets.

While touchscreens makes it easier to navigate, our fingers haven’t been getting any love in return, until now, that is. The closest you get to finger feedback with most touchscreens today comes from mechanical actuators that vibrate the screen when your fingers touch it. You feel a slight vibration but nothing more.

That may all change when devices employing TeslaTouch come on to the market. According to an article on, TeslaTouch is a new touchscreen technology being developed by a Disney Research team.

TeslaTouch lets your fingers actually feel what the screen shows. When you move a file on the screen with your finger, you can feel how big it is. This process is called electrovibration because it uses electrical charges rather than a mechanical device to create a localised sensation of vibration and friction.

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