The end of the internet (as we know it)

Published on August 25th, 2011
The end of the internet (as we know it)

It seems the internet’s number is running out! According to an article in the Sunday Times, the world will run out of internet addresses “within weeks”.

For those of you wondering, internet protocol (IP) addresses are the unique sequence of numbers assigned to each computer, website or other internet-connected devices.

Would you believe that there are over 4.3 billion IPs in use? Back in 1977, when Vint Cerf created web protocol, he thought it was just an experiment and that 4.3 billion would be enough to do the experiment with. The uptake of the virtual world sure proved him wrong.

Can the problem be fixed? Well, apparently an updated protocol is now being planned, which will create trillions of new addresses, which should last us a little bit longer.

Hopefully we won’t run out of addresses any time soon…

Pic credit: youngthousands

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