The devastating truth about dust

Published on January 6th, 2012
The devastating truth about dust

Here is your really gross fact for the day: dust is mainly human skin cells… (No wonder we sneeze like crazy when we inhale it!)

The average human being loses between 50 – 100 thousand skin cells every minute. These flakes of skin pile up in carpets and furnishings, where they dry out and get lifted up by drafts or air currents. And that’s where house dust mites come in. These microscopic spider-like creatures live all over your home – no matter how clean you keep it – and your dried-out flakes of skin are a nutritious delicacy for them.

Suffer from asthma when exposed to house dust mites? Well, here’s your second really gross fact for the day: you’re allergic to their poo, which floats into the air and irritates your lungs. Eeeuw!!!

And if you think the dust in your house is a problem, check out this video of a dust storm that hit Phoenix, Arizona in July 2011…