Survival quiz solutions

Published on July 24th, 2012
Survival quiz solutions

So you’ve done our survival quiz and you want to know what the right answers were? If you haven’t done the quiz, click here to do it now, otherwise scroll down to get survival-savvy…

QUESTION 1 OF 10: You’re hiking in the bushveld when you realise you’re lost and the sun is starting to set. What’s the first thing you do?
Finding or building shelter should be top priority, followed by making a fire. Humans can’t survive more than three minutes without air, three hours in extreme cold, three days without water and three weeks without food.

QUESTION 2 OF 10: It’s night time and you need to keep the predators at bay. What do you do?
Keep a fire burning – predators are afraid of fire, so this is your best defence.

QUESTION 3 OF 10: What’s the best way to keep warm at night when you’re stranded out in the open?
Believe it or not, it’s more important to sleep on top of warm layers than it is to sleep underneath them. Thanks to conduction, the heat from your body will soak into the cold, hard earth pretty fast if you’re lying directly on the earth, so make sure you’re sleeping on something warm.

QUESTION 4 OF 10: What’s most likely to kill you in the African bush?
Extreme heat or cold is your number-one enemy, as you can survive for three days without water but you won’t last very long if you’re too hot or cold.

QUESTION 5 OF 10: So, let’s say you survived the night and it’s time to find something to eat. Which of these foods would you eat?
Worms are your best bet, because they’re high in protein and less likely to be poisonous than mushrooms or unidentified frogs. They’re also easier to find and catch than the average four-legged pond creature.

QUESTION 6 OF 10: Uh-oh! You’ve just been confronted by a lion. What do you do?
If you run from a lion, you’ll soon become the tastiest not-so-fast food in the bush. Lions can run at 80km/h – about 25km/h faster than the fastest human being – so your best option is to freeze and hope that the big kitty loses interest. If the lion keeps coming towards you, start screaming and waving your arms around. They may be the kings of the jungle, but lions tend to be more afraid of us than we are of them.

QUESTION 7 OF 10: You stumble upon a whole bunch of different berries, but you’re not sure what they all are. Which ones should you eat?
Blue or black ones are your best bet, because 90% of them are safe to eat. You’ve got a 50-50 chance with red berries, while 90% of yellow or white berries are poisonous, so watch out!

QUESTION 8 OF 10: Ouch! A snake just bit your foot. What do you do first?
Surprisingly, the first thing to do is take a photo of the snake with your phone. Tying a tourniquet around your leg can actually do more harm than good, because it concentrates the venom in your limb and could cause necrosis, or tissue death. And of course, you’ll just be wasting valuable energy and time trying to kill the snake.

QUESTION 9 OF 10: You’re running out of water… what’s the best way to find more?
Other animals, such as baboons, will be your ideal guides to drinkable water. Just remember to keep a safe distance!

QUESTION 10 OF 10: What’s the best way to attract help?
The best thing to do is tie colourful clothing on trees as you walk and write SOS in a large open space. If you can, set the letters on fire to make your call for help even more noticeable.