Strange ways humans act like vampires

Published on October 26th, 2011
Strange ways humans act like vampires

Vampires aren’t real ok. Despite how real the Cullen’s from the Twilight series and those brothers from The Vampire Diaries have made them to look, they’re not real.

What is very real though are diseases and disorders which show themselves in ways that are similar to vampiric characteristics. From sunlight intolerance to aversion to garlic and mirrors, very real characteristics cause people to act like vampires.

Here are a few:

Alliumphobia, more commonly known as the fear of garlic is a mild mental illness that causes people to become freaked out by the mere thought of the stinky plant. The legend that vampires are repelled by garlic stems from its use as a way to ward off evil spirits in southern Slavic countries and Romania. We guess having extra garlic on their pizza isn’t an option…

Although vampires are depicted as being invisible in mirrors, a real disease, Eisoptrophobia, also known as catoptrophobia, causes people to fear them. Legend has it that vampires can’t be seen in mirrors because they have no soul.

Arithmomania is the obsessive need to count things. It is believed that one of the ways to put off a vampire was to throw a handful of rice or seeds and run away, as the vampire would be unable to resume the chase until he or she had counted every single grain. Talk about ‘Count Dracula’…

Can you think of any more ways humans act like vampires?