Space Quidditch

Published on September 6th, 2011
Space Quidditch

Then you’d better remember to pack your Firebolt when you head off to the moon, otherwise you’ll be stuck in the bleachers.

Flying around like wizards at Hogwarts is exactly how NASA imagines the moon’s first residents will stay entertained and fit after the 2024 lunar base is established.

According to one of NASA’s chief scientists, micro-gravity sports competitions held inside a giant bubble on the surface of the moon are not beyond the realm of the possible. In a large, pressurised habitat you would only need to attach a pair of wings to yourself in order to take to the sky.

At the launch of their document, 181 Things To Do On The Moon, NASA outlined the objectives of the proposed lunar colony. According to them, lunar pleasure may initially consist of satellite TV, movies, music and books. Over time, though, the moon’s environment for unique activities would be utilised.

We can’t wait!