Solve the murder mystery!

Published on December 12th, 2011
Solve the murder mystery!

If you can solve this murder mystery, you stand a chance of winning a Samsung GALAXY Y phone with loads of cool features, to the value of R1399.

Check out the riddle below and enter the competition by clicking on the link that follows.

A man was found murdered one Sunday morning, his wife immediately called the police. Detective Thompson questioned the wife and staff and was given these alibis:

  1. The wife said she was in bed reading a book.
  2. The cook claimed she cooking breakfast.
  3. The gardener claimed he was planting seeds.
  4. The maid claimed she was getting the mail.
  5. The butler claimed he polishing the silver.

One of them lied and Detective Thompson suspect him/her as the killer. Which one?

Solve the mystery and you could win a Samsung GALAXY Y!

Put on your detective hat and solve this murder mystery. If you do, you stand the chance of winning this awesome Samsung Galaxy Y to the value of R1399! Head to our Facebook Page for more details on this awesome prize.