Save the trees…use technology instead!

Published on August 4th, 2011
Save the trees…use technology instead!

The chances that you’ve heard of i2R e-Paper are slim to none right? Yeah, we thought so… That’s because i2R e-Paper is paper but not paper as we know it – not yet, anyway.

A group of scientists from Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute have developed a new form of rewritable electronic paper that does not require any electricity at all. For real?!

The paper uses a thermal printer, the same kind that’s used in fax machines. When the message is no longer needed, the paper can be erased with the flip of a switch – ready to be used up to 260 times!

It has a coating made from cholestric liquid crystal, a type of liquid crystal structured similarly to cholesterol molecules. The compound does not require a backlight to print, and can produce different colours.

While it needs thermal energy, it could still prove to be much more eco-friendly than printing on traditional paper or consuming the electricity needed to power a traditional LCD screen.

Would really come in handy when it comes to doodling don’t you think?!

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