Photo tips: getting rid of red eye

Published on August 25th, 2011
Photo tips: getting rid of red eye

Although there are many photo editing programs that offer a digital fix for the “red-eye effect,” correction after the fact never looks quite right. Fortunately, there are ways to keep pupils looking black from the start.

According to the darker the surroundings, the more dilated the pupils of a person’s eyes are, and thus the more light from the flash they’ll take in (and the larger their red pupils will appear in the photo). Consequently, the red-eye effect worsens when flash is used to brighten especially dark scenes.

Instead of turning on your flash, try relying on ambient light. If you can’t really adjust the light sources around you, some cameras come with a red-eye reduction mode that causes the flash to fire several times before the shutter opens when you snap a photo. The preliminary flashes make your subject’s pupils shrink, which limits the amount of red light that can reflect back when the “real” flash hits.

Pic credit: Evil Erin

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