Ntuthuko Gwala

Published on September 5th, 2011
Ntuthuko Gwala

Ntuthuko Gwala

My role at HIP2B2 Online Radio:
Hmmmm I play a vital role – I see myself as the presenter that adds the element of fun which balances everything out. We are an educational radio station, if you combine the two and add my personality, your ears are in for a smooth joy ride.

How I got here to be a radio presenter:
It has been a long journey, the edited version should do lol (hides face) well I was discovered in 2008 by Palesa Moeketsi and Sean Costello who have been in the radio industry for years. They saw the potential in me or should I say my voice and guided me on this path. I was then handed over to my mentor Benito Vergotine who trained and moulded me, He taught me all the technical aspects of radio and as a presenter in general at Feelgood FM (Pep Stores Radio). In May 2011 I joined 94.5 KFM where I’m currently a weekend stand-in presenter. July 2011 was the most exciting part of my life where I was called in by our producer Neo Letuma who has given me another stepping stone to reach for my dreams to be part of such an exhilarating fine team of presenters at Hip2B2 Radio.

Favourite song of all time:
Tonight I celebrate my love by Peabo Bryson

If HIP2B2 was an animal, what would it be and why?
Eagle. Well, by observing and studying this matchless bird you can pick up on leadership characteristics to help develop you to become the best you can be, the sky is the limit. The vision of an eagle’s eyes can see great distances. Very gentle and attentive to their young (Hipsters)

Algebra or Geometry?
Definitely Algebra

Did video really kill the radio star?
Hahaha, I wouldn’t know because I’m on the pursuit of also being a TV presenter, in all honesty both have their pro’s and con’s, lol.

You can catch me on?
Chillout Session, Street Smart & Fridays (4-5pm)

About Me:
I’m a very chilled, sociable guy born on the 12th October 1989 originally from Umlazi, Durban in KZN. I matriculated at Glenwood High School in 2007, relocated to Cape Town in 2008 and began chasing my dreams after I had discovered my passion for radio broadcasting. Apparently I’m supposed to be an actor because I’m a natural. Who knows, that may be my next venture, entertainment is where my heart is at.