Neo Letuma

Published on September 5th, 2011
Neo Letuma

Name: Neo Letuma

My Role at Hip2b2 Radio: I am the radio’s content producer/programme manager – which means deciding what topics of interest must be on air as well as all the type of programmes and features. I also decide on the music that gets loaded. I am also a presenter on various programmes.

How I got here to be a radio presenter:
It all started in 2000 when I went to hang out at a radio station with a friend and I loved the vibe. I volunteered and started training to be a radio presenter – I did production work, talk shows and music shows. I also listened to other presenters to learn from them and always tried to improve my game. This had led to work in retail & commercial radio stations where I now get paid to talk & listen to music.

Favourite song of all time:
One by U2 ft Mary J Blige

If HIP2B2 was an animal, what would it be and why?
Chimpanzee – never mind the looks, chimpanzees are totally smart! They are capable of advanced problem-solving and have the ability to use symbols for objects and combine the symbols in a sequence to convey a complex idea. They are also able to learn sign language to communicate with humans and can remember the name sign for individuals they have not seen for several years. Totally awesome!

Algebra or geometry: Geometry – I like precision and sure stuff and geometry is just that. An angle is an angle, there is no theory about it – you can measure it.

Did video really kill the radio star? Not when there is still a saying “You got a face for radio”. Kidding. Besides, you can’t drive and watch TV but you can definitely listen to the radio.

You can catch me on… Here, there and everywhere…but definitely on Thursday (4-5pm), during iTHINK hours, Sports, Chillout with Ntuthuko & Smart Maths.

About Me: When I was younger, I looked older and now that I’m older I look younger. I have lived in 3 countries and SA is my favourite – it will always be home. I love to hang out with people and just talk. Maths was and is still my favourite subject. I love numbers and play Maths24 with car number plates every time I drive. I am also a complete Sudoku and Spider Solitaire addict. I name my cars – the first one was Sylvester and now I drive Sebastian ☺