My trip to Lesotho!

Published on December 13th, 2011
My trip to Lesotho!

Kendal tells us about her trip to Lesotho and how fascinating the country and it’s people are…

As much as early mornings and I don’t click, I seem to have a knack for choosing trips that involve me waking up early (see my first blog- ‘camp’).

This trip, however, didn’t involve me flying for an hour and a bit; it involved us driving for 12 hours to get to our destination: Malealea, Lesotho. Our group consisted of 13 people, including an incredibly cute 11-month-old baby, 3 cars and loads of food.

The drive down to Lesotho from Port Elizabeth was very interesting, with the scenery constantly changing from many hills, to flat areas of land, to a very mountainous Lesotho.

After finally arriving at the Lesotho border post, which, compared to South Africa’s border posts, was an absolute breeze- we were struck by just how beautiful the landscape actually is. Since it was early evening when we arrived, with the sun beginning to set, the shadows on the mountains caused an almost eerie glow, with dark rainclouds in the background. The fields around the towns were extremely green and there was almost no litter anywhere! What a welcoming sight.

The Basotho people are also really different from South Africans. Almost every person that we drove past gave us a huge smile and a big wave, making the long drive so worth it.

The shepherds, for me, were the most intriguing, with blankets slung around their shoulders, gum boots and walking sticks, looking after their small herd of cattle, sheep or goats. Compared to the huge herds of cattle that South African farmers ‘farm’, the Basotho farmers only keep 5 or 6 cattle and about 20 or so sheep – enough to survive on.

The land itself is a natural wonder in itself. Almost every square inch of the land, including the sides of the mountains had been cultivated to provide for the people. There was definitely no wastage of land happening here. With so many mountains forming Lesotho’s landscape, people often end up building houses on the slopes or in the deep gullies formed.

Lesotho is such an intriguing country and I encourage everyone to go see it for themselves. All you need is a valid passport and an adventurous spirit.

Hope you all have an amazing holiday!

Stay safe!! xx