It’s all about the money

Published on January 15th, 2013
It's all about the money

When choosing the job you would like to do for the rest of your life, you are suppose to look at your interest and then select the kind of work you know will be fulfilling. But most of us do not do this, instead we choose jobs based on how much money we will be able to earn…based on our dreams.

From when we are young, we look at those around us and use them as role models for our future career. If their work earns them a lot of money, then we want to be what they are. If they work does not earn them a lot of money, we shy away from those careers until one day circumstances bring us back to that career.

When it comes to the world of science, being an Engineer is the most sought after career for the money that can be made there. The most popular engineering choices are Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Industrial and Process (Chemical). Of these, the engineering field that pays the most is the Process Engineering because it is also the hardest to study.

Process Engineer R43 000 per month

Industrial Engineer R25 167 per month

Civil Engineer R23 539 per month

Electrical Engineer R21 378 per month

Mechanical Engineer R15 167 per month.

For some people the medical field is a much better option – that is if you have the stamina and dedication needed to get through about 10 years of study. Being a Physiotherapist will earn you R15 000 per month, while a Lab Technician gets R17 305 per month. Ambulance officers and paramedics get R36 000 per month depending on your station and experience, while a general Doctor earns R37 000 per month. Should you choose to specialize in pathology, your salary goes up to R53 000 per month.

Not all of us will get to doctors and engineers but there are still fields open to us in the science world that will bring in the money. A Physicist earns R19 500 per month while a microbiologist earns R31 500. If you chemistry is your favourite subject at school, still to it because a career as a Chemist can earn you R32 000 per month.

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