Meet the Green Monkey

Published on October 4th, 2011
Meet the Green Monkey

Spider-Man is about to save his beloved Mary-Jane from a near death fall, cue the dramatic music… “Hello Spider-Man, what do you think you’re doing?”

Ok, so this story has absolutely nothing to do with Spider-Man and his on going feud against the Green Goblin.

While the Green Goblin is set on destroying mankind, there is cuddly baby rhesus monkey that may be the key to curing a number of human diseases.

His name is ANDi, for “inserted DNA” spelled backwards, and he carries in him an extra bit of DNA from a jellyfish – the gene for green fluorescence. Scientists used this specific gene because it is harmless and easy detectable.

They want to move on to inserting other types of harmless genetic markers that can be tracked with magnetic resonances in order to understand how diseases like Alzheimer’s and breast cancer develop in people.

Because monkeys are genetically closer to humans, they give scientists a better understanding of the development of disease.

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