Life in space

Published on November 28th, 2011
Life in space

Living in space isn’t an option just yet, but technology may someday allow it.

So, if you suddenly find yourself exposed to the vacuum of space without a space suit, there are a few things you should know:

First of all the water on your tongue and inside your nose and eyes will boil away, oh and you should breathe out, or sudden decompression could cause your lungs to rupture.

Fortunately though, you won’t explode if you’re unprotected in space (as movies might have led you to believe). It’s actually the lack of oxygen in your blood that will see you shed this mortal coil – but that could take anywhere from two to four minutes.

You should also know that space makes you taller: the decreased pressure on the spine in zero-g situations can cause space travellers to grow as much as 5 centimetres.

Astronauts take their salt and pepper in liquid form, as sprinkled grains would float off and possibly clog instruments (and cause a lot of sneezing).

Keen to just get away for a while? Then you will be happy to know the very first space hotel is in the making….