Let’s go back to the future

Published on September 26th, 2011
Let's go back to the future

You know who never gets invited to parties? Time travelers, that’s who.

At least, that was the case until 7 May 2005, when a group of MIT students threw a Time Traveler Convention party, complete with live bands, lectures and a Delorean (that’s the time machine from Back to the Future, and no, it doesn’t really work…as far as we know).

The organisers figured that this was the only time travel convention that would ever need to be thrown; if the guests of honour (that would be time travelers) missed it, they could just go back in time and attend it, after all. So the party was heavily publicised, with the hope that news would reach to the far corners of time and space.

Unfortunately, no guests from the future (or the distant past) showed up, though all the other partygoers had a good time. Some think the reason no time travelling types showed up is because time travel is impossible. Others think time travelers might have been there, but in disguise (so as not to alter the time stream).

Do you think time travel is possible?

One thing we do know is that time travel is – and was, and will be – big in the movies. Here are ten of the best…