Laugh Lab DIY: invisible ink

Published on November 8th, 2011
Laugh Lab DIY: invisible ink

Do you have a secret you’re dying to share, but you can’t risk it falling into the wrong hands?  Are you a superspy carrying important info that can’t be seen by the bad guys? Then invisible ink’s just the thing for you.

Invisible ink is any substance you can use to make drawings or messages that disappear and can later be made visible again. Pretty cool huh?!

Keen to make your own? Simply follow these simple steps to send your own secret messages.

1. Cut a lemon in half

2. Squeeze the juice into a cup – this will be your ‘ink’.

3. Dip a stick or a toothpick or an inkless pen into it.

4. Write your message on a piece of paper

5. Let it dry – the message will disappear

6. To read the message again, just hold it over a candle flame. The message will slowly appear as if written in brown ink.

Go ahead, try it and let us know it works!