Published on August 25th, 2011

Name: Kurt van Staden

Age: 15

Hometown: Port Elizabeth

School: Grey High School

Interests: Sports, music (playing saxophone and actually listening to music), helping the community in P.E., photography and writing for the school magazine. For my career one day: Actuarial Science or CA

Favourite book: Q & A

Favourite word to use: Lank – it means ‘very’…eg: HIP2B² is lank cool

I’d like to make a difference by: helping people in anyway I can, whether it is bettering people’s lives or just helping a friend with school work.

Coolest invention: The microwave, because it heats something up, but when you put your hand inside, it’s cold!

I spend most of my time: Swimming, running, playing water polo and just sport in general. But when I get free time I love going to the beach and seeing friends:)

I get really annoyed by: people who litter.