Just take the plunge!

Published on October 19th, 2011
Just take the plunge!

Whether you want to become a vegetarian  or whether you need to hit the books, Zandile says putting things off is never helpful.

Ok, so after a long season of procrastination and very lame excuses, I finally made up my mind on a certain subject I’ve been avoiding.

Well, for some time I’d been considering becoming a vegetarian. This was partially influenced by me coming from an Indian dominated school, but much of this decision was fully made by me!

I have a long list of reasons why, but I guess the one that would stick out the most is the simple fact that meat tends to make me nauseas and eating it had become a strenuous exercise.

Before my greatest fear was that becoming a vegetarian would require me to leave most of the food I eat and do enjoy, leaving me with a boring diet of carrots and spinach (talk about Popeye the Sailorman!)

So imagine my shock and amusing surprise when I opened my Life Science book to find that there were many different types of vegetarians. That was when I decided to research the restrictions to find one that would best fit me. My choice? A Pesco Vegetarian, who in short eats shell fish, fish, nuts, fruits, veggies. Ok, let’s just say most foods with of course the exception of meat!

There and then I made my choice and consulted my mom about it. After her fits of laughter, numerous jokes and long periods of gasping for air, she finally realised that for once I was very serious about something and finally gave me permission to pursue my diet.

Well all I can say is that some of my friends probably made bets regarding how long I’m going to last…

Well it’s been three days and I’ve gotta say I haven’t had one short craving for meat and have high hopes about my future with my new diet. No one said it would be easy, or even come as a breeze, but I know that when one sets their mind to something they can really succeed in it (goes with exams too).

As for the much-feared exams, before I sign off, I’d like to wish all the Matrics well with their exams. Remember that unless you study hard, all your exams will seem like torture!  I need to also bury my nose in my books as I’ve come to learn never to listen to people who tell me that Science is a breeze, because chances are that those people don’t even have PHYSICS as a subject (TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!)

Whether it is a new diet, exams coming up or even a new field you would like to pursue, know that if you feel strongly about it, chances are that you really should follow your heart. No one said you won’t fail, but everyone says that practice and determination make perfect.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the progress of my Pescetarianism, you might have it on your mind too…

P.S. Let’s thank the Life Science book that made my decision so much easier (thank you Mrs Bartie)

Now it’s time for us to leave jolly play and get set on studying hard for the upcoming exams, wouldn’t you say so too?

Till later, ‘tis your girl signing out