Is Electrical Engineering for you?

Published on March 2nd, 2012
Is Electrical Engineering for you?

Wanna build solar-powered stuff like this? Then you might want to become an Electrical Engineer…

What do Electrical Engineers do?

Can’t live without your cellphone? Addicted to computer games? Well, you’ve got an Electrical Engineer to thank for all the gadgets you love. Electrical engineers use creativity, imagination, Mathematical skills and logic to solve problems in the modern world. How? By inventing awesome new gadgets and systems that make life today safer, faster, smarter and more convenient.

Those machines in ICU that keep patients alive in hospital? Created by an electrical engineer. Those super-smart sat-nav systems pilots use to fly their planes? You guessed it … an electrical engineer came up with those incredible systems too.

Where do they do it?

Electrical engineers work in a wide range of industries, from computers and telecommunications to robotics and satellite navigation systems. It’s up to you to choose the option that interests you the most…

What kind of person would enjoy this career?

If you can describe yourself as a creative, logical, determined perfectionist with a passion for solving problems, you’d probably make a great Electrical Engineer.

How do you become one?

If you want to become an Electrical Engineer, you’ll need top marks in Maths and Physical Science. After school, you’ll need to complete a four-year Engineering degree at any major university, followed by three years of training experience. When that’s all done, you’ll be ready to apply for professional registration.

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