Is adventure in your DNA?

Published on August 26th, 2011
Is adventure in your DNA?

Ever wondered exactly what makes you want to bungee jump or get up during assembly and burst into song?

While some may call it guts (or just plain craziness!), researchers now believe there’s a scientific explanation for these acts of bravery. reports that it may have a little less to do with bravery, and a little more to do with a gene called ‘d4dr’.

Scientists have identified a gene that is more common in those who are always looking for that rush that comes with new challenges and experiences. This is all thanks to a gene located on chromosome 11.

According to the article, dopamine is the brain’s ‘feel-good’ chemical. It’s created naturally by the body every day, but it comes flooding in more quickly during a risky experience. The d4dr gene regulates the dopamine receptors in the body, and the length of this gene in each person determines how sensitive the gene is to the dopamine being produced.

Do you think you have the adventure gene or do you shy away from adventure?

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