Inventions that were ahead of its time

Published on August 5th, 2011
Inventions that were ahead of its time

We must admit, kicking and shaking a vending machine to get something out has become way more fun than actually enjoying the contents of the vending machine. It’s become like a game hasn’t’ it? Well, quite a costly game…

While they can be found in schools, airports and most office buildings, vending machines have been around since the first century? Apparently they were used to dispense holy water in temples in Ancient Greece.

In an attempt to prevent people from taking more holy water than they paid for at the temples, Hero of Alexandria created a new device to dispense the water.

You would put a coin in a slot on top of a box, which would then hit a metal lever, much like a balance bean. On the other end of the beam was a string tied to a plug that stopped a container of liquid. As the beam tilted from the weight of the coin, the string lifted the plug, and water was dispensed until the coin dropped off the beam.

This same system was used in the vending machines that were developed in the 1880s, and up until electricity took over.

Ahead of its time? We think so…