The Team

The Big Boss

Cathryn Treasure is the General Manager of HIP2B². She boasts a wealth of experience in marketing, communications and sponsorship both at home and abroad, having worked for industry heavyweights such as the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and BT (British Telecom).

At HIP2B², Cathryn enjoys nothing more than helping the youth to believe in themselves… and seeing first-hand how that materialises. She hopes to make a big impact in South Africa, and is searching for like-minded partners to join her in changing the behaviour of the youth and driving positive social change.

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The Educational Consultant and Project Manager

Johan van Lill is the educational consultant for HIP2B². Based on his many years’ experience and research in brain development, he specialises in training parents and teachers in the optimal preparation of children for school and formal learning.

Johan is a highly qualified education specialist as well as an experienced author of several educational series and develops curriculum material for both primary and high schools. He recently published his latest book, Your Child Can Do Maths, aimed at parents, teachers and caregivers to help their children with Maths.

His articles on the development of mathematical skills in children are regularly published in magazines and newspapers, and he is a frequent guest on radio programmes on education.



The Content Queen

Janna Joseph is the editor of the HIP2B² magazineand content producer for the HIP2B² website. With a BSc in Genetics and Microbiology and an Honours in Cell Biology, Janna is fascinated by the world around her – from the way it works to the weird and wonderful people and animals that live on it – and she aims to share that fascination with every one of her readers.

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The Digital Radio Star

Neo Letuma is the content producer/programme manager for HIP2B² Online Radio. She is responsible for deciding what goes on air in terms of programming and music. You can also catch her hosting various programmes.

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The PR person

Lisa van Leeuwen coordinates all of HIP2B²’s PR and media relations. Having lived, eaten, slept and breathed PR for about 15 years, Lisa’s career, like the HIP2B² youth audience, is firmly entrenched in its teenage years. She’s always asking why things cannot be done another, better way, and brave enough never to take no for an answer.

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