Have you seen my IXI System?

Published on August 3rd, 2011
Have you seen my IXI System?

Back in 1979 when Kane Kramer of England came up with the idea for a pocket-size solid state music player, little did he know that his innovative idea would have such a huge impact of modern society.

With technology reaching new heights on a daily basis, we don’t quite know what to expect from the future do we? Which is why we take a look at a few inventions that were ahead of their time, starting with a Digital Audio Player, more commonly known today as an MP3 Player or iPod.

Kane called his portable device the IXI System, and it was roughly the size of a cigarette pack, with a display screen and buttons for four-way navigation.

The memory chip on the IXI System was able to hold only three and a half minutes of music, but he had plans to remedy that through the use of flash memory.

Kane had even developed a plan for a music store where people could bring in the IXI and hook it up to a telephone line to download new music.

Uhm, can anybody say iTunes? How cool is that?!

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