Exams are over!

Published on November 29th, 2011
Exams are over!

Amishka is done with school and is looking forward to a relaxing holiday…

Well what can I say, it’s been the longest 5 weeks of my life….

As I handed in my last paper I was filled with joy. No more school, no more extra lessons. I can finally enjoy my holiday without having to worry about outstanding assignments.

Even though we spend so much time at school, it all comes down to our matric examination. I felt it just like any other examinations. Yes, there are procedures to follow but there’s no major difference.

So my advice to those future maticulants, is to treat it like any other examination. This helps calm the nerves.

The examination period was long and the so-called “holidays” in between makes you kind of lazy. That is why determination is key.

I plan on just relaxing and enjoying my holiday. I am really looking forward to my matric ball. Preparations are done and I can’t wait! It is definitely a night to remember…. I’ll try not to party too hard.