Exam tips from Zandile

Published on October 28th, 2011
Exam tips from Zandile

Zandile shares a few exam study tips with us, check these out…

Down, Down … DOOWWNN (BANG!!!) goes my heart as the exam timetables come out.

Man, if this is what growing up is all about, then I wish to go back to being all short and carefree! Most people just took it as came, but me, being Zandile had to take a few days before my system could digest it.

My friends however have come up with tips to help me combat my constant fears and take on the Goliath-like exams like a fearless David…

1. If there’s a song that just doesn’t want to get out of your head, then you might as well utilise it and study to it, fact is, you might remember most of the words.

2. Look in the mirror and put yourself in your teachers shoes by re-telling the work to your own reflection. Your voice will be retained in your memory bank and so will your work.

3. If you feel uncomfortable at the desk, (formalities tend to bore, I know!), then take your notes and move around. The constant movement will keep your mind alert and you won’t even remember to complain about what a drag studying is.

4. Study with a few snacks beside you, you still need your nutrients and don’t forget the water too! Keeping hydrated will repel the constant yawn that dawns upon you after the first hour.

5. Mostly, make the most of your exams, have fun with them. If the exams come on as a new fun challenge for you, then my bet is you are going to ACE them, and I’ll take you up on it-you have to study though!

Well, how we deal with these exams will be up to us, and us alone. So whether you get a group of friends or go at it alone, whether you sit behind the desk or walk it out, make sure you choose the method that will be to YOUR benefit.