Emma Davis

Published on August 3rd, 2011
Emma Davis

Name: Emma Davis

My role at HIP2B2 Online Radio: I’ll be getting schooled as well as schooling you on Science and Business during my shows ‘Simply Science’ and ‘Business DIY’

How I got here to be a radio presenter: I’ve been involved in community radio for 2 years and I am so excited to get involved in radio of a different kind…a youthful, educational kind! Its hip, its fun, its fantastic!

Favourite song of all time: WOW, that’s a difficult one because I have lots of favourites!!! But it would probably have to be a Kings of Leon song because they are my favourite band :)

If HIP2B2 was an animal, what would it be and why? Perhaps an Owl…full of wisdom!

Algebra or Geometry? Algebra!

Did video really kill the radio star? The radio star will live on till eternity :)

You can catch me on… Simply Science, Business DIY & Tuesdays (4-5pm)