Choosing your career

Published on March 15th, 2013
Choosing your career

By Neo Letuma

Image credit: icetray / 123RF Stock Photo

For some, choosing a career can be a journey of a thousand miles. I think I am one of those people.

It all starts when you are young, under the age of 10 years, and an event happens that impresses you to think “I want to be like that one day”. For me, I wanted to be a teacher because my teachers knew so much and they held all the power. Everyone wanted to be on their good list.

But I also wanted to be a singer because I just loved music so much. This meant days filled with dancing, re-writing song lyrics so I would know the words I was singing along to. Eventually, TV became a big part of my life and it exposed me to movies, places and fashion. You can guess that from that, I then wanted to be a Model, Actress and an Air Hostess.

High school is the best place to start thinking about your future seriously because that is where you discover the subjects that hold your interest. Anyone can do any job well if they dedicate themselves to training for it. Loving your job and knowing the purpose for doing it, that’s a career – a lifetime commitment.

The best thing about having a good relationship with Maths in school is that it helps to train and develop your brain to see the world in many different ways and angles. Looking at the work environment, you get to learn that “X” in the “Solve for X” question, is a representative of many different problems.

For an investigative officer, X represents the crime while for a politician X would represent service delivery. For an athlete, X is what it will take to win and for a marketing executive X represents how to bring the message across to the consumer. Even the best DJs in the world know that there are a lot of calculations done in producing the best track out there.

For me, the real journey started with the love for Maths in high school. This lead to Engineering studies, a job as an Auditor and a Sales Consultant in England, a DJ/MC/Radio Presenter for various radio stations, and finally a student in BSc Maths & Chemistry because I want to “solve for X” again.

Your journey does not need to take decades before you arrive at your destination, you can map out your route by doing your research (use the library), starting with the subjects that you like the most in school. Find people in those careers and ask them what the job entails. Use the internet for more information. But most importantly, do not kid yourself into thinking you do not need Maths. We all do.