Call for 2012 Brand Ambassadors!

Published on October 18th, 2011
Call for 2012 Brand Ambassadors!

It is that time of the year again when we put a call out for HIP2B²’s Brand Ambassadors for 2012.

If you are in Grade 9 this year and have chosen Maths and one of the Sciences as Matric subjects, and you fit the following criteria, then please download the nomination forms and info sheet and have your Science or Maths teacher nominate you for the HIP2B² Brand Ambassador Programme.

We are looking for learners that:
•    Are respected by their peers and are popular in their schools as they need to be good role models and great ambassadors not only for HIP2B² but also for their school.
•    Are not only achievers, but also hard workers at school and well rounded individuals. They must have other interests in and outside of school in addition to their academic interests.
•    Are influencers and not followers – they will need to have a network of “contacts” and a support system to assist them in making a difference in their communities.
•    Have a passion for or an interest in Maths and Science and related fields, and have chosen Maths and one of the Sciences as Matric subjects.
•    Have possibly demonstrated a unique ability to invent, to deduce or to analyse in various situations.
•    Have strong organising, communication and presentation skills.
•    Can be confident leaders and have initiative.
•    Are smart, energetic and edgy, and know what they want from life.
•    Have excellent people skills and will be able to cope with increased media attention.
•    Optional, not compulsory: Had a good project for any Science or Maths expo, invented something significant or solved something unique.
•    Can use their imagination.
•    Have a positive attitude, strong leadership qualities and will stand out in a crowd.
•    Will have the time, drive and energy to be actively involved in all activities of HIP2B².
•    Compulsory: Were in Grade 9 this year (Grade 10 in 2012).
•    Have demonstrated a commitment to taking on a challenge.

Download the following forms and complete:
•    HIP2B2 Brand Ambassador Information Sheet
•    Section 1 HIP2B2 Teacher Nomination
•    Section 2 Hip2b2 Teacher Nomination
•    Section 3 Hip2b2 Learner Application

The deadline for all applications for next year’s intake of Brand Ambassadors is 
Monday 7 November 2011 at 15H00. Please fax completed forms to (021) 979 5343, fax to e-mail 086 517 9487 or email