Are bigger brains always better?

Published on August 26th, 2011
Are bigger brains always better?

We humans have the biggest brains, relative to our body size, of all the mammals. But is size all that really matters when it comes to intelligence? Various studies have been conducted around the matter (no pun intended) and scientists have come to the following conclusion: a big brain alone doesn’t equate with smarts.

According to an article on, a physiologist by the name of Michael McDaniel states that it is very clear that brain volume and intelligence are related, across age and gender groups. Read the entire article here.

Other researchers, however, state that it is not the size of the brain that makes one person brilliant and another a little less so, because most adult brains weigh the same, that is about 1.3 kg. Rather, it is the way the brain develops that makes all the difference.

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Pic credit: Aban Nesta

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