Beast Friends Forever

Published on March 20th, 2012
Beast Friends Forever

Humans aren’t the only creatures who know how to make lasting friendships. Over the years, scientific research has shown that elephants, dolphins, chimpanzees and even bats can make great BFFs. But maybe animals are even better at making friends than we humans are. Don’t believe us? Check out these two unbelievable animal friendships…

Tarra and Bella

You may have met the odd cat and dog who get along really well, but we’re pretty sure you’ve never seen a dog whose best friend is an elephant…

Meet Tarra and Bella, two unlikely buddies at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, USA. Bella started out as a stray who wandered onto the property in 2003. Like many other ownerless dogs, she found happiness and love at the Elephant Sanctuary… but unlike all the others, she found it alongside a very different creature.

While all the other elephants preferred to hang out with buddies their own size (and species), Tarra and Bella did everything together. They played and ate and slept side by side, and Bella even let Tarra rub her tummy with her enormous foot!

Sadly, this friendship came to an about five months ago, when Bella’s body was found by the barn where she and Tarra spent lots of time. It’s believed that Bella was attacked by coyotes, and then Tarra carried her buddy’s body all the way back to safety. Now that’s what we call true friendship…

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Owen and Mzee

What do you get if you introduce a baby hippo to a 130-year-old tortoise? An incredible friendship, according to Owen and Mzee…

Owen the hippo was brought to an animal sanctuary called Haller Park in Kenya in 2004, after he lost his mom in a tsunami. When he got there, the baby hippo ran straight to a tortoise named Mzee, who just happened to be chilling nearby, and hid behind him like he was his mother. The wise old tortoise was surprised at first, but soon enough, he accepted his new companion and they happily patrolled the pond together.

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