Ants master the power nap

Published on August 26th, 2011
Ants master the power nap

After a recent study on the foraging habits of fire ants, scientists discovered something amazing. Not only do ants sleep, but, depending on the type of ant they are, can live a life of long snoozes or super short power naps.

Deby Cassill of the University of South Florida in the US ran a study where she recorded a colony fire ants and discovered that the “large and in charge” queens sleep for up to 9 hours a day while the poor worker ants only got to sleep half that amount! Think that’s bad enough?

Well, the worker ants don’t get time to have their nap all at once, scientists discovered that workers take about 250 tiny power naps… a day!

Each lasting a bit more than a minute, this makes sure there are always ants doing work…Pretty sucky for workers, pretty awesome for Lazy Queen Ants.

So next time you wanna complain about not getting enough sleep, remember the poor fire ant, the insomniac of the natural world.

Pic credit: matt.wagers

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