10 Most Incredible Eyes in the Animal Kingdom

Published on October 14th, 2011
10 Most Incredible Eyes in the Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom is beautiful. There’s nothing that can be said to add or take away from that truth. It’s all of creation coming together to form the greatest masterpiece of our time – nature.

Wow, that’s way too philosophical for a Friday don’t you think?

Imagine we were able to see this masterpiece through the eyes of some of the subjects.

Certain animals have highly specialized eyes which allows them to see in a way that humans can only dream of.

Take owls for example, they have excellent depth perception which comes in handy when they’re on the prowl.  And hippos, they can see under water with perfect precision, but what is really fascinating about their eyes is the clear layer of membrane that protects them from debris found underwater.

However, talking about this is not nearly as cool as actually seeing it, check this out.