A long road ahead

Published on November 7th, 2011
A long road ahead

Sarah passed her learners license test and can’t wait to start driving, but first she has to get through her final exams…

One of the best feelings in the world has to be that moment when you come home after writing a grueling exam, and use a bold black pen to cross that subject off your exam timetable. Making progress, even if you’re doing it very slowly, has such an exhilarating effect on all of us, especially when we know we’ve worked so hard to achieve it. So finals have officially begun, and I’ve crossed off two papers on my timetable so far.

Studying is getting tough already. I’m only one week into exams but I feel the pressure building up every day. Last week I wrote English, one of my favourite subjects, and Maths, one of my least favourite.

Unfortunately I’ve never been able to grasp the concept of Maths. My mind just doesn’t work mathematically! But I find the best way to study Maths is just to do as many past papers as you can, and when you feel like you’ve done enough maths papers to last you a lifetime, do a few more.

I’m happy to say that last week I finally wrote my learners license test. Yes, I’m 18 and I only just got my learners. It’s a long story, but in short I was only able to get my ID a few weeks ago and I couldn’t do anything until I had that little green book. I’m so excited to start driving, but I first have to get past exams before I even think about going for lessons. Studying comes first!

And that reminds me, during exams we all tend to become a little isolated from, well, everything. Sitting hunched over in a dark room all day can’t be good for anyone’s health, so remember to take some time off. Have a swim or go for a jog.

Even studying outside in the sunlight is better than sitting indoors all day. A friend of mine posted a picture of his very creative studying plan that he devised on one of those boiling hot days last week. He put his desk and chair on the shallow step of his pool with an umbrella over it, so he could literally study in the pool! Can you believe it?!

I have to admit it was a great plan. I think I might try it out some time!