10 Things I miss about school

Published on October 18th, 2011
10 Things I miss about school

I may be the Online Editor of the best website around, www.hip2b2.com now, but once upon a time I found myself sitting right in front of a classroom.

In case you’re thinking I was right in front because I misbehaved, not the case. My surname is quite high up in the alphabet and we sat in alphabetical order ok.

So even though I have a really cool job, there are times when I miss school. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Wearing school uniforms
While most of you dread looking the same as your fellow pupils, trust me, the pressure of putting an outfit together everyday…not always as fun as it sounds.

2. It’s easier to get extensions for certain deadlines
Despite what you think, teachers are way more understanding than bosses.

3. An average school day is generally shorter than a working day.
Excluding sports and other extra-mural activities, your average school day is shorter than the regular 9am to 5pm.

4. Guaranteed holiday
Now this is something you can be sure of and look forward to.

5. The tuck shop
Nothing beats the tuck shop –good food at an affordable price. What more would you want?

6. Teachers
School wouldn’t be possible without them – seriously.

7. Everyday you learn something new
Not much else I can add to that now is there.

8. The last day of the term
It always felt like Christmas Eve.

9. Friends
Being able to spend the better part of your day with your friends, what more could you ask for.

10. Planning for the future
Yes, this may sound weird, but being in school allows you to dream big and you realise you’ve got the world at your fingertips. By no means does the dreaming stop when you finish school, but when you’re still at school, you’re so motivated to work really hard to make sure those dreams come to pass.

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Words by: Jill Cicero (Follow our Online Editor on @g_lah)