10 Back to school tips

Published on January 11th, 2012
10 Back to school tips

We’d like to wish all those heading back to school from today on, good luck!

There’s something about the first day of school. Bag packed, uniform ironed, school shoes polished and a bag of mixed-emotions to go along with that.

We thought we’d share a few tips to make sure your first couple of days go smoothly.

1. Don’t forget to brush your teeth and hair. We know that a long holiday has the ability make one forget these everyday activities.

2. Make an effort to make a new friend. Introduce yourself to someone who may be new to the school or area.

3. Get involved in sporting activities, this time of year is generally time for athletics. It’s a great way to make friends and get involved.

4. Try and memorise all you teachers’ names and how to pronounce it.

5. Be sure to get to bed early, your body needs to get into a routine again.

6. If you don’t know it by now, learn your school anthem.

7. Pay attention to everything your teacher says on the first day, you wouldn’t want to ask a question they’ve already answered.

8. Invest in a fresh batch of school spirit, there’s nothing better than rooting for your school.

9. Make sure you have your own pens and pencils. There’s nothing worse than having to borrow one every day.

10. Enjoy it – these are the best years of your life!