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  • FABLab is the place to be
  • \10 Great Ideas of the Decade
  • 3 movie myths… busted!
  • 3 crazy kitchen experiments
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Fun facts

  • Work of art or breakfast?

    In 1983, a Japanese artist made a copy of the Mona Lisa completely out of toast.

  • Cargo and shipments

    Items transported via ship is called cargo, while items transported via car is called shipments. Gotta love the english language!

  • Trick or treat?

    Surely people don’t really spend that much money sweets?

  • Toothpick, anyone?

    Did you know that 7.5-million toothpicks can be created from a single cord of wood?

  • Choose floss

    A toothpick is the object most often choked on by Americans!

  • Tick tock...

    In 2007, over 1.6 million passengers in the United States were delayed at least 15 minutes—a total time of 170 years. Imagine spending that much time at the airport!

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