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Fun facts

  • Choose floss

    A toothpick is the object most often choked on by Americans!

  • Read a book

    The most important part of human body is the brain. It not only gives us the ability to feel, learn and remember…it is also responsible for coordinating our movement, regulating our hormones, and interpreting the information received by our senses.

    It is therefore important to keep our brain healthy and stimulated. One of the ways we can do this is by reading books. Reading activates brain function, helping to lengthen the attention span and improve the ability to think in sequence. Reading also prevents brain ageing and diseases such as Alzheimer.

    Not only is reading good for your mental and physical health, it is also good for your financial health as it is a cheap way to be entertained. For your holiday reading, check out these books that won the Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature:

    Dreaming of Light
    by Jayne Bauling

    A story about Regile, an eighteen year old, who is working illegally in an abandoned mine in charge of other child workers. After three months underground one of the other children, Taiba, harbours a hope that they will be rescued…by the police, the private security firm guarding the mines or who?

    Tot Siens, Koning Arthur
    by Annelie Ferreira

    A story about Sylvia who once had plans to study medicine and was chosen as a prefect at school before she got expelled. Now she has to do a hundred hours community service, support her single mother and sick brother, and trust her instinct as far as her relationship with her boyfriend goes.

    The Magyar Conspiracy
    by Neil Malherbe

    A story about Sandor, a water polo player, who is born of a Hungarian father and a South African mother. When his father dies on a mountain climbing outing, Sandor is sure it was not an accident. When his team leave to play water polo in Hungary, so begins Sandor’s search for answers into his father’s past.

    by Kabelo Duncan Kgatea

    A story of two unlikely friends, Rapula and Attie, who dream of becoming professional sportmen in soccer and rugby. The story is set in Rustenburg during the FIFA World Cup and through their friendship, we learn of the social aspects in the mixed communities in South Africa.

    Yihlati Leli
    by Bhekisigcino Damasius Khawula

    A story about Mchithwa who dreams of becoming a teacher one day but gets drawn into the world of drug trafficking. He is eventually arrested, gets a suspended sentence and a second chance in life. He uses it to become a motivational speaker warning the youth against using and dealing drugs.

    by Derick van der Walt

    A story about Ben who goes in search of a father he has never met after his mother and sister die in a fire at their home. Parallel to this is the story of Natalie, an orphan who lives with the pastor and his wife in the farm town Hoopvol.

  • Lightbulb moment

    The energy used by the brain is enough to light a 25 watt bulb.

  • 101 Dalmations

    Did you know that three out of 10 Dalmation dogs suffer from hearing loss due to inbreeding.

  • Counting the stars

    If you attempted to count the stars in a galaxy at a rate of one every second, it would take around 3 000 years to count them all. Only attempt if you’re really, really bored.

  • Foot fact

    There are 52 bones in your feet, which is about 25% of all the bones in your body.

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